Sankara strives through it’s every effort to provide quality eye care to all. An overall snapshot of Sankara’s performance provides insights on how the system is performing. Highlights of quality outcomes have been captured from across the value chain.


Our world-class standards also apply to the way we conduct all of our work. Sankara focuses on both efficiency and effectiveness in everything we do. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating our performance to see where we could be doing better, and to ensure that the most people possible can benefit from our work- without any compromise on quality of care. You can view our performance reports and statistics in this section of our website.

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7 states are covered by Sankara’s Outreach Program. Sankara has recently expanded it’s footprint to Jaipur, Rajasthan with 225 bedded Community Eye Hospital. Over the next few years, we plan to build three more community Eye Hospitals in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Panvel (Maharashtra) & Hyderabad (Telangana). Our Outreach programs include:

Gift of Vision Program

This involves providing quality eye care to the economically disadvantaged people in rural areas at their doorsteps. Under the Gift of Vision Programme, we reach out to the patients through our network of field workers, doctors and paramedics. Patients identified with vision problems are transported to the base Hospital and provided complete treatment at no cost.

Diabetic Retinopathy Program

It is a comprehensive program initiated to address and control blindness arising out of Diabetic Retinopathy. The primary objective of this program to establish a comprehensive Diabetic Care network across Sankara Eye Foundation India and to reach out to rural population, screen and treat for Diabetic eye diseases.

Rainbow –  

This programme is targeted to cover Children in the age group of 4 to 15 studying in the elementary schools, middle schools and high Schools. The teacher’s volunteers are trained to do the preliminary vision screening of students. After this, an eye care team from Sankara Eye Hospital screens the school children. Children who need further treatment are transported to the Hospital for a more comprehensive examination. If prescription eye glasses are needed, then they are distributed free of cost. Similarly new-borns are screened for congenital defects under a neonatal screening program, known as Swagatham.


Nannu Kannu
“Nannu Kannu” is a unique comprehensive programme to reach out to children with visual defects in the state of Karnataka. The project was first implemented in partnership with Sightsavers International, Government of Karnataka and National Association for the Blind would reach out to 1,50,000 children in the first phase of the programme.

A comprehensive Community Vision Rehabilitation Program for people with Visual Impairment to maximize their Functional, Social, Psychological, Economical independence and to improve the quality of life allowing visually challenged individuals to live an independent productive life.

Eye Banks
Corneal blindness is the fourth leading cause of blindness in the world. Corneal transplant is one of the primary treatment available for corneal blindness where damaged tissue is replaced with healthy donor eye tissue. Sankara Eye Hospital ventured into eye banking in the year 1985. Since then, it has opened 6 eye banks across various locations in India. Sankara has been actively engaged in eye donation awareness and cornea retrieval activities. The Eye Bank receives a pair of an eye almost every day and has collected over 16,800 eyes across all eye bank locations which are used for therapeutic and curative corneal transplant surgeries apart from research purpose. SEF, India also provides donor cornea to other eye banks for emergency transplants.

Sankara Academy of Vision
The Capacity building arm of SEFI has been involved in human resources development. Starting from Post-Graduation in Ophthalmology (DNB), University recognized Fellowship programs in various subspecialties of Ophthalmology, Under-graduation and Post-Graduation in Optometry, Vision Care Technician course for 10+2 pass female students, Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management and various hospital management and soft skill development programs come under the purview of SAV. Today, SAV offers research opportunities for Ophthalmology educators, practitioners, and fellow students.

Milestone Clinic
Milestone Clinic is a specialised program designed for children who have learning disabilities or development delays like (ie. Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder) that stops their ability to stay focused while they learn. These children are normally monitored by a development optometrist and receive multiple visual perceptual assessments.


Select which of our projects that you would like to view more information on and then download the performance report to view all statistics to date.

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Programs (all)
Gift of Vision
Gift of Vision Performance – (Since Inception - As on 30TH September 2017)


  • Camps Conducted – 23,613
  • Total People Screened – 43,78,910
  • Total Surgeries Performed – 16,41,617



Gift of Vision Performance – (2017-2018, As on 30TH September 2017)


  • Camps Conducted – 902
  • Total People Screened – 1,78,446
  • Total Surgeries Performed – 77,090



Rainbow Performance - (Since Inception - As on 30TH September 2017)


  • No of Children Screened – 57,03,202
  • Glassed distributed – 84,758
  • Pediatric surgeries – 9,643
  • No of Teachers Trained – 22,610
  • No of Schools/Aaganwadi Screened – 29,764



Rainbow Performance - (2017-2018 - As on 30TH September 2017)


  • No of Children Screened – 1,18,877
  • Glassed distributed – 1,378
  • Pediatric surgeries – 496
  • No of Teachers Trained – 1,524
  • No of Schools/Aaganwadi Screened – 1,074







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